Third Grading Grades AY 2009-2010

post on February 8th, 2010
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Bible – 97

English – 97

Filipino – 95

Mathematics – 95

Science & Health – 97

Makabayan – 95

Geography/History – 98

MSEP – 97

Computer Education – 92

GMRC – 93

Some went up and some went down 2 points but it’s ok. I just encouraged her to make better the last grading because who knows she will get the second place in her class. And with that we can get some tuition discounts if ever she can attend MMA.

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  1. Chris says:

    i think these are good grades already!

    where is MMA?

  2. Sunshine4Life says:

    Hi Chris, MMA is Mindanao Mission Academy in Manticao Misamis Oriental. That's me and my siblings highschool alma mater as well my mom. :)

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