It’s Like Years!

post on April 29th, 2010
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The other day my daughter came by to visit.  I am hopefully that she came by to see because she missed me.  I would really be happy if that is the case.  But when she came, she told me right away, can i use your computer? hehehe There was no internet connection that time so she just did her stuff in my laptop.

I commented to her that it’s been awhile since the last time i saw her.  And she asked: “like years?”  Yeah “like years” and we both laugh.  This summer she come and goes in in the dormitory but lately in the past weeks she just stopped coming.  She said she is very tired and bored in the dorm so she better stays at home with her cousins.  I haven’t been home in awhile too so i seldom see her.

We both go to church but to different locations.  I need to attend the one in school and she does not like where I am because most of her friends are in the other location.  So most often I end up alone.  I asked her several times that she comes to church with me but she always refuse.  Somehow in the soon future, she will understand the situation and she will agree.

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