Back to School!

My almost thirteen year old girl is back to school today.  What makes this unforgetable because today is her first day at boarding school.

She is currently enrolled at Mindanao Mission Academy situated in Manticao, Misamis Oriental.  About 24 kilometers away from home.  It was her first night away from home last night as a certified highschool student.

We traveled to the school together yesterday because i want to settle her personal belongings in her locker and also fixed her bed.   It took me a long long time to finish all that because their room was not yet very much ready for occupancy but then, i was all done at 9 pm.

I will never forget to see how she tries to get along with her roommates, how she tries to make new friends and i really saw that she was happy.  That made me comfortable to know that she will not have a hard time adjusting although i know that she will miss me and her grandma terribly.

I wish i was able to document it through photos.

Now, i wanna wish her an exciting yet a very challenging school year 2010-2011

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