Encouraging Her to Blog

I discovered blogging by accident.  I thought that journaling online is called blogging.  I started writing my daily or weekend experiences in the Friendster blog.  Then one day, one of my friends told me that maybe I would be interested to blog.  He said that blogging is the same thing I was doing in Friendster but it does not ask anyone to log in to read what I am writing.  In short, in blogging, anyone can read it.  So that is the time my Life is What Make it was born in May 2007.  That blog became inactive more than 2 years ago that when I checked it lately, the site is no longer available.

Anyway, I encouraged my daughter to blog because she saw me that am blogging.  She knows am enjoying sharing my experiences, earning, and travelling — all because of blogging.  So one day she replied, what should I blog about?  I told her to start a general one by writing how her day goes.  Then maybe later she can start make a blog about entertainment and also a celebrity blog with contents like celebrity wedding news. She has more knowledge on current singers and celebrities. I really dunno where she get the info when she is in the boarding school. Shame on me who is in the city and who is online almost 24 hours a day – and I can’t even sing the latest single of a famous band. She really raises her eyebrow on my ignorance. lol!

So that’s it! I believe that my daughter will also become a good blogger in the future. Actually she already started one and she uses Tumbler. She still did not tell me the url for me to check out but I know she have started already because she lightly told me about it long time ago.  So maybe later in the future, we will be a mom and daughter blogger tandem. ^^

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