Off to Manila {November 22}

post on November 21st, 2011
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The daughter will be off to Manila with me on November 22. It is not her first Manila trip but it would be the first time where in she can already understand things and can responsibly react to her environment.  Why? Because the first time she went to Manila, she was still a little her first birthday and my sister who traveled with her really had a hard time with her because she was fussy.  I was working in Manila that time and they went there for a visit.

This time, daughter and I are flying there for a two days stay.  The events we are going too concerns me but it was alright to tag her along.  She will be missing three days of class and I hope the things she will see there would make her say that it was worth absence in classes.

We will be flying through Cebu Pacific this time and I hope it will be a memorable trip for her.

I am thinking that she will have a meet-up with her brother but until this time, I still haven’t made up my mind if I am going to contact Jaizon’s dad.  I wish for the time when I can contact him without going through his dad anymore.  Anyway, we will see.

Wish us fun!

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