You Tube Music Vids is One of the Things She Likes to Browse

Young people nowadays are far different from the days when play means going out and run around with your neighbors or play means playing house house with your bestfriend or playing hide and seek with your classmates.  That was my time. But now, when my daughter is home, I find her always inside the home and browsing online.  One of her favorite things to do aside from downloading e-books, she also likes downloading anime stuff from You tube.  When she first did that, I wondered how come she knows how to download and even upload when me at my age, I still dunno how. She told me that she read it online by clicking how to download videos from youtube links and so she is as good as any girl her age.  Good thing that she does not have easy access to internet and stuff, so she does only the downloading when at home during the weekends.

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