School Year-end Party

post on March 16th, 2012
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Early this week, my daughter called telling me that her adviser wants to talk with me.  I thought she did something grave but. lol!  I know she is not bad but who knows, she might have broken the glass window or the table in the office or the library and the teacher wants me to pay the damage right away. lol!  That’s not the case.

The teacher told me that on Monday their class will have a year-end party.  Celebrating the end of their sophomore year.  She asked me if it is okey to donate some sweets for the party specifically Mango float.  Sounds easy I thought.  But it would have been better if I will just give money in a gift card envelopes and just leave to them what food they gonna buy with it.  But Dimple reasoned out that this is not a birthday party where gift card envelopes are in.  Okey, so am making a mango float on Sunday afternoon and she will bring it to school on Monday.

How time flies!  They are now almost to say goodbye to sophomore year and be Juniors next year.  Sigh.

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