Month: May 2016

Simple Guide to Understanding Credit Card Debt Management

You have a credit card for every need! You have the personal one; the corporate one; and, you even have one for your college student. Such a variety of carefree spending choices! That is, until the billing statements start arriving. What did you get yourself into? It is time to take control of your finances! Credit card debt management is the road to a debt free life.

The average consumer has between 3 and 8 cards. Where do you fit in? How many do you have? Are you using one card to pay another card? If you are at the point of considering credit card debt management, you more than likely answered yes to both of the questions. It is time to get control of those cards – it is time to retain the services of a management program. The first thing you need to do is decide which of the various credit card debt management programs is for you. This may take some time, but it also took time to get into this financial disaster. These programs are usually designed to address your unique needs. Determine what your needs are.

Evaluate your financial status:

* Monthly income – Does it vary from month to month or are you salaried?

* Monthly expenditures – Determine your fixed expenditures. Subtract this amount from your monthly income – what are you able to pay towards bills?

* Are you “robbing Peter to pay Paul” when paying your bills?

* How much are paying just to meet the minimum requirements for each card?

* Determine your spending habits.


* Debt Payoff Calculator

* Debt to Income Ratio Calculator

* Interest Calculator

Now you are ready to find a credit card debt management program that will works for you. There are an endless number of such programs and organizations available. Each has different payment arrangements, fees for services, and time frame for debt relief: explore your options.
Can you gain control of your debt without the services of such programs?

* Cut up the “extra” credit cards; especially the high APRs and variable APRs.

* Apply for a personal loan.

* If you are more than 6 months behind in payments, negotiating with the credit card yourself.


* Organizations providing professional counseling services. Help you gain control of your finances by teaching you responsible spending practices and budgeting.


* For those who do not have the cash to negotiate settlement offers themselves. Company sets up an account until funds needed for settlement are reached.

Credit card debt consolidation loans

* Loan designed to pay off debts by consolidating into one payment.

With so many options available, you will be able to find a great one. Categorize options and match your needs. Relief is on the way.

Getting Out Of Finance Credit debt

Averages for finance credit debt among the nation’s households vary, but one thing is fundamentally true about it: it does not get any less. The trajectory of bad finance credit debt is always upwards and before one realizes it, neither one’s efforts or good intentions can bring it down if it is too late. The thing is bad finance credit debt can certainly be avoided. What the statistics do not show is how many people get into financial trouble through their own mistakes, habits and financial oversights.

Bad finance credit debt is but a symptom of a much greater failure to manage finances and resources sensibly. What it should spur you to do is effect some changes before it gets any worse, if it has not already. The first thing you should do is assess your financial situation. Update your credit report to see where you stand. Do not be tempted for quick fixes like credit-report cleaners and fixers because they do not work, period.

These promises of cleaning up credit records or terminating finance credit debt are scams plain and simple. The familiar pitch of these scam artists is this; they appeal to consumers such as you who not only have poor credit histories but with really bad credit debt as well. They claim they can clean your credit report, even remove notations of previously filed bankruptcies enabling you to get that new loan for a brand new SUV, insurance, a new job and even a home mortgage. The truth is that alterations to your credit report without due process (like proving that certain items are incorrect or outright errors) is a federal offense.

You can deal with finance credit debt yourself with more success than you think. Take the situation as a wake-up call and a genuine chance to take positive control of your finances. It should be the time when you acknowledge mistakes, find the strategies to correct these mistakes and find the courage as well as help in moving on past these mistakes and never repeating them again. After assessing your credit card history and knowing where you stand financially but confused on what to do, get a friend who knows about balancing and budgets to see if you can work out something on your own in terms of repaying your debts. Filing for Chapter 7 as a solution should be farthest from your mind. This should be your last resort as a poor means of wiping out bad credit debt. A bankruptcy might even worsen your credit standing because it stays on your credit history for at least 10 years and will always be considered when your apply for new credit or loans. If you want a more professional approach to dealing with finance credit debt, seek the services of a credit counseling group or organization. They can offer you not only advice, but concrete options on how to repay your debts. They can also offer more comprehensive information on other financing options such as debt consolidation. The credit counseling service can extend its services as far as talking with your creditors and putting into place, repayment schemes for your debts that you might have trouble doing on your own.

Are You in the “Make Money Business?”

One of the best business models for the Make Money Business is blogging. Nothing is better than owning your own set of blogs that bring in money for you day or night whether you are at your computer or not! This is truly being in business for yourself on the internet. Owning a blog is like owning real estate online that grows in value over time as you put more work into it.

This gives you time to build other blogs and expand your business to levels you never thought possible. Once you have one blog completely set up and monetized, you can set it and forget it. Now you move onto blog number two. Similar to how people amass fortunes in real estate.

It doesn’t matter whether you tried blogging in the past or not, now’s the time to give it another try. Any by try I mean treating it like a business and not something you do once in a while.

If you are serious about starting a business that can be life changing, I recommend “The Niche Blogger” membership site.

The fee for joining is incredibly low compared to the value you get. It teaches you step-by-step how to set up your business right from the start. You log on to their website and complete the task for the day, each day your expertise and confidence grows right along with your new blog empire. There is also a forum for all members to get advice and stay motivated from other members who have begun to make some serious passive income.

What’s different about this and something like an e-book is the level of support you receive.

Not only is the owner there answering every question about how to build your business, there is also a community of support that is excellent. It doesn’t matter whether you have a question day or night, someone is there to help you through.

It’s kind of like getting your own degree in full time blogging! It’s time for you to be in the Make Money Business instead of just trying things here and there and getting frustrated because you aren’t making any money.

Through the Niche Blogger you’ll discover exactly how to be a business owner that gets your assets earning for you all the time. This could be a life-changing decision for you. Stop trying the next big thing every month and quiting after a week. Decide now to start a real online business and make a true difference in your and your families life!

Make Money Business Opportunity – Work From Home Income

Making Money Business From Home Means Marketing an Asset

Is your home-based business making you a profit or is it leading to a loss? Every incredible marketing approach in the world will ultimately lead to a nonprofit organization from the discomfort of your home if you have selected a losing product. So what specifically does it mean to own a home-based making money business? It means marketing a product that you are passionate about, of course. It also means marketing a product that will actually increase in value over time. That is what people of affluence refer to as an asset.

There are many products on planet Earth that are, in-fact, assets. In recent past, real estate was the most profitable way of marketing an asset. Buy it, fix it, flip it. Except now in real estate the wise marketer must be highly selective in her efforts. Much of her valuable time is spent in the selection process instead of in the marketing process.

Now, marketing an asset for a home-based making money business is not mandatory if the recruitment and retention is strong. But, ideally the marketer should not only be making a profit from recruitment, but also from the product itself. To insure that your marketing efforts produce the highest yield, ask yourself one key question: is my product an asset or a liability? Am I using it up by the end of the month, or does it age like a fine wine?

One example of an asset would be education. Education can be an asset because under application over time it pays for itself over and over again. Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds can also be marketable assets. If you’ve got the feel for it like Warren Buffet, then that is definitely a direction to head. Selection of the winner over time of course the key in that game.

Another example of an asset would be precious metals. Have you ever heard of the liability movement of 1848? Actually no, it was called the California gold rush because gold is also an asset. You want to think of an asset like a young redwood tree. As long as you maintain and keep it, it will grow big without a lot of effort. Home-based making money business means taking your assets seriously.

The savvy marketer has her eye out for young redwood trees in her home-based making money business. For example, if a network marketing company in 1914 marketed baseball cards including Babe Ruth… do you feel the product would be valuable today even without a downline? Yes, in fact one month of autoship from that particular company would now be worth over $200,000.00

If you feel that you have selected a young redwood tree for your home-based making money business, does it have a bark thicker than its bite? In other words, does it have an appearance and value that will grow far stronger than the original amount you paid the tree salesman?

You see, for a making money business from home, its best that the business actually makes you money. And the best trees for growing money are of course redwoods. Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees was most likely not from California, whose state tree is the redwood. So you savvy marketer. Yes, I am talking to you. You desire a making money business to provide your home with consistent comfort? The suggestion is simple. Plant a system around young redwood trees. Everyone knows the best raw materials for assets come from California.

Finally, if you can take your California asset, whether a fine wine, a young redwood tree, or gold nugget… and craft it into a collectible, you might just have a making money business that even Babe Ruth would want to be a part of.