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Happy Birthday, Anak

It’s her 16th birthday today and she is in El Nido, Palawan.

She woke up just in time before we left for island hopping. We arrived the night before at exactly midnight and she was the last one who took a shower to freshen up before falling asleep. I think she wa also the last one who slept. I thought it was me, but I knew it was her because when I woke up this morning, she was still in deep sleep.
This is her first photo of the day – while waiting for our boatman to signal us to go up the boat.

 photo DSC_0219.jpg


 photo DSC_0228.jpg

The birthday girl and her mom. I love this photo because both of us were smiling at the camera. Thank you Lai for clicking the shutter for us. :)

Happy 16th Birthday, Dimple!

 photo DSC_0420.jpg

It’s lunch time! At Shimizu Island.

The second Island for the day. We were the first to arrive in the area. The food you can see on the table is a buffet lunch for everyone. It’s included in our package. Since we were out there island hopping, I told her that that’s already her birthday food and all of us are her visitors.

In the picture is Auntie Lalai, Isik, Mark, and Kristine.

 photo DSC_0435.jpg

The girl enjoying the fruits after some beach grilled fish and chicken with rice. :)

I am now stuck in front of the laptop because of the high speed internet, but I need to go out to buy some big bag for our wet stuff. I then thought of buying pancit canton for dinner. Our companions were out to go around the area and also to look for fish tinola.

So here’s the birthday girl with her pancit canton and few pieces of pandesal.

 photo DSC_0448.jpg

I tried to read her expression. lol! She seems to be sad or happy I dunno. Maybe she is wondering if she gonna eat the stuff I am giving her.

D in Manila Again

post on September 24th, 2013
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 photo DSC_1184.jpg

Thank you God for the safe flight!
That’s the plane that flew us from CDO to Manila

After a an hour delay departure from Cagayan de Oro, the daughter and me landed in Manila safely.   It was still raining and we can see from above some places that were flooded.  Good thing the rain was not pouring hard but the taxi driver told us that the night before, it had been raining all throughout.

We were taking our time in deplaining because we were not in a hurry.  From airport, we will be off to the place where we were reserved for the night.

This is another “just the two of us” trip outside of Mindanao.  The first one was in 2011 in Manila.  But this time, it’s gonna be beyond Manila.  Where? Stay tuned to the next post.

 photo DSC_1192.jpg

Thanks to her Omi, the accommodation was a birthday gift for her. It’s her birthday in few days! Happy Birthday, dear daughter!  This is my birthday gift to you.  Your tickets to Manila and back. Right?

I love you!

She Conquered Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline

 photo IMG_0001.jpg


They swing by this place on their way from Mountain View College last April 21.  Together with her cousins, they took the zip.   If she did not took the zip then I would wonder why not when she is a very adventurous creature.  lol! And guess what she told me later, the zip was not very challenging at all. lol!  She said, it was not scary and it was not an adrenalin pumping experience.  Oh my I wonder what adventure she really wants??!

Now I am in deep thought.  A papa’s daughter indeed!


Dimple’s Piano Recital 2013

When March comes, my mommy duties sort of becomes busy. 😀 Oh well, it’s not always March, so I am not complaining.

 photo SAM_0172.jpg

Dimple was part of the Third Part:

 photo SAM_0171.jpg

That’s a video of her and I hit my forehead after uploading it in the laptop because I discovered it is not a clear video. It’s blurry.  So perfect! Sigh. Argghhh

Anyway, as usual, it’s only a vid of her. I failed to take a photo because I already set the camera to video mode when she went up the stage.

 photo SAM_0227.jpg

Last year, there was only one recital for the whole school year, but for this year, they had it every grading.  I was able to attend the first and then this is my last. :)

Thanks to Omi for the dress and thanks to Mommy for being there, she said. :)

Music Festival 2013

The other weekend was the fullest weekend of most of the students at Mindanao Mission Academy.  They had programs beginning Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.  I was able to attend the Saturday afternoon and the Sunday afternoon programs.

Here are some of the photos taken during their Music Fest.

I went straight to the Audie because I arrived on time. But looking at the front, my girl was not yet there. Hmmm so I thought of going to the dorm and indeed, she was still there with Claire. Nadugay kay nag effort ug pamalansa sa iyang dress. Oh at least she is learning. She should you know, she’s not already at the age where she knows ironing well na. —

 photo SAM_0007.jpg

The front of the program. It was back to back that made me conclude the program will finish late.–

 photo SAM_0004.jpg

The parts of the program this year was very unique if compared to the previous years. They had more participants than just the usual 4 singing groups. As usual, the 4 groups (one for each year level) sang then the following had their share too:

– the male teachers
– the female teachers
– the student teachers from MVC
– the men dormitlorians with their dean
– the ladies dormiotorians with their dean
– Families of Mendez, Sabino, Viajante, Gonzales, and Baang
– and many more…

I have here quite a number of photos but if I have to post every photo, then this post would be filled so much. lol! So let me  share just a few…

 photo SAM_0038.jpg

The men dormitorians

 photo SAM_0067.jpg

The ladies dormitorians :)

 photo SAM_0062.jpg

My girl got a solo part 😀

 photo SAM_0114.jpg

The El Harmonido Musico (first year level singing group)

 photo SAM_0128.jpg

The Crescendos (2nd year level singing group)

 photo SAM_0142.jpg

The Calliope (3rd year level singing group)

After few shots of the Third year group, the battery of the camera went dead. :(    I just continue to enjoy the music-filled afternoon.


omg! I almost did not know her!

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My sis went to attend to my daughter ahead of me. We touched down Cagayan de Oro airport at at little bit past 2 already because we were delayed in flying out of NAIA due to air traffic. My original plan was to go straight to Iligan because of my luggage but looking at the time, I decided otherwise. In spite the several luggage I had, I had to get off at the bus stop in front of the school and texted my sis to meet me up. 😀 Good thing she was there right away.

When I entered my daughter’s room, this is what I saw!

My daughter! lol! I almost did not recognized her.

 photo 10915_10151497504301718_581962161_n.jpg

To a mom’s eyes, our children are the most beautiful creature in the world. I dunno which is best if it is our mother or our daughters.  I was really amazed how the powder made her look pretty matured and beautiful.  I love the smokey effect of the shadows in her eyes.  I then thought, oh my, the payment to the make-up artist is worth it.


 photo 599849_10151497504971718_1471880631_n1.jpg

This is what they were doing when I arrived, busy looking at something on her classmate’s laptop. =)  All of them in the room were so pretty that night.

Dimple & Jairah

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Taken just before they went down to the auditorium for their JS:

 photo 539264_10151497507116718_1718824915_n.jpg

I was really glad to make it there before the the time because if I was not, surely there are no pics of my daughter to be shared here.  I think they are really pretty here.

My Baby is Now a Lady

 photo 598395_10151497451421718_206606628_n.jpg


Gianne Larene Joselle
15 yrs old
February 17, 2013
Juniors – Seniors Prom Night with a theme:

A Revival of the Classics

I just got back from travel. Fortunately, my flight was earlier that I was able to catch up the pre-JS hours and my daughter was already ready for the moment. I think she was done 3 hrs before she has to wear the gown.

When she had her gown on, I took pictures of her and her friends and of all — this one is my fave solo of her.

My baby is now a lady. Sigh.