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The Map of Disneyland Park

My daughter and her cousins were inside the Disneyland Park for almost 7 hours so when we met 8 hours later, I was excited to interview what transpired inside.  She said it was nice but not as nice as she expected it to be.  She’s been expecting rides that needs adrenalin rush or those crazy rides that will scare those with weak hearts.  But then she rode a few with her cousins.

They went into the park almost one in the afternoon and we left them there with the parents of her cousins and a friend.  Wish I could go in with them but I had other things in mind aside from the fact that I don’t have budget for it.  She’s the most important person to experience Disney that day because I think and her Omi also thinks that Disney is for kids.

I took some time to browse that map of the park and this is what I got —


s0urce: internet

It is huge!  They really need a whole to cover all nooks but I guess they tried to see the main attractions that her Mommy Ailo really become tired following them around with her camera so that almost every nook they are in and every Disney character they come in contact with is being documented with a photo. =)

In the previous post, you can see the daughter with Minnie Mouse.  So here here with —


Dimple with Mickey!

Minnie’s boyfriend.

photo disclaimer: this photo is taken by Ailo

Recital Video

My camera was not set to video mode when she started because I was still trying to take a photo of her.

Anyway, here’s a bit of the video that day.

It’s LARENE, please!

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Her name is Gianne Larene Joselle. Not LAURENE, please.

Anyway, it’s been many times the spelling of her name is misspelled. The thing with her or most our kids, they don’t complain or have it corrected before it’s out in the final. So her name is printed with Laurene and when she was called to do her part, she was called as Laurene intead of Larene.

This is not the first time her name was misspelled but the first time on the second name of her three-worded name.

After the program, I really told her that the next time she saw her name misspelled again, she really has to approach the teacher, the program coordinator, or the person who caused the misspelling.

More recital related posts will be up later. :)


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When I heard that the first thing on my mind of course is snake. ^^

I’ve been to see my daughter earlier this morning in school. I have to give her some amount for the fieldtrip this coming Thursday.  No plans of going but she texted me last night and this morning I decided that I will be the one to bring her the money.

While preparing to go, I called up inquiring what she is up to.  She was doing her laundry. (very good! at least only a few left for me to do next weekend).  Then i asked here where will be their fieldtrip destination.  She mentioned of Opol and also an Asia Brewery.  I was lost on the Asia Brewery place so I asked products are at AB. She said, “cobra!”  “What?” I replied.  I was like they are going to Opol to see birds and they are going to AB to see snakes? I was lost for few seconds and she said, “Mom you’re crazy.”  AB is a company that makes the cobra, energin, beer, and so on.  It’s not a zoo!  I had a hearty laugh and it feels good.

Being naive is not always something to be frowned at.  There’s nothing wrong to laugh about it. So something I learned today, at Asia Brewery some energy drinks are made.

Dimpe was cleaning her room when I arrived.  She was not yet done because she tired.   I wish I could help but it was too hot so I did not stay that very long.  I gave her some sweet stuff I carried from Bohol and also my Valentine’s gift – a reading book for teens.

Pre-pimple Days

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My daughter’s face did not improve much even with Kojic soap. So everytime I browse through her old photos, I miss those pre-pimple days of hers.


She is 11 years old in this photo. :)

Pictureless Vacation

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My daughter went on a travel to Bohol during their semestral break.  She did not have a camera with her but her companion, Jaira, got one. But until now, i am not yet able to see any photo that they took. Thankfully, her Omi posted one sunset photo with a description that the two dots in the distance were Dimple and Jaira.

This is one of the beautiful sunsets you can witness at La Estrella Beach Resort.  I miss the trip this time.  I miss the beach.  I miss the sunsets but I am glad to know that Dimple enjoyed this vacation without me.

Disclaimer: Photo credit goes to www.laestrella.ph.  Grabbed from Facebook.

Bonding Moment at the SALE

I was just home during the weekend with her.  Suddenly she said that we go to the mall because she felt bored.  We don’t have money to go shopping but if ever we can get a good item for P20.00 then I have money.  I said I will just pay for her fare.  Whatever she likes to buy, then she must buy it herself.

Her fave store in the mall is the BOOK SALE!  Never a visit to the mall that she will not pass by this place.  So that is our first destination when we arrived:

That book Chicken Soup was the book she decided to buy and those yellow books? she also wanted to have it.  ^^

And wanna see my purchase?

All for P80.00 roughly $2.00

What i like in this place, you can stay as long as you can and enjoy reading.

After the book purchase, we decided not to eat out but just buy some ingredients for a nicer spaghetti meal.  So i bought a can of spicy tuna and 6 pcs of chicken hotdog, and some vegetables.

That day, I realized that really my kid is growing up fast. ^^

Birthday Postcards (Part 1)

About a week before her 14th birthday (September 26) I thought birthday postcards for my daughter.  At Postcrossing Enthusiasts at Facebook, we send cards to someone who celebrates her or his birthday that month.  I then thought why not ask anyone to send a card for my daughter.   So why not!

I posted on the Postcrossing Wall that my daughter’s birthday is coming up.  Since we don’t have celebration plans, the postcards will probably make her smile.

And these cards surely did!

These are some of the seven cards she received which she showed last Friday evening.

1.  Buffalo postcard from Jaymie White Lee of NY, USA

2.  Meeowww Birthday card from Michael of Germany.  He showed me his available cards and I picked this one for her as she really loves cat.

3.  This tribal portrait postcard is from Sally of Malaysia.

4.  This beautiful pink flowers postcard was from Mommy Jes of Penn, USA

5.  Miami Coast postcard from Jeff Chase of Florida USA