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Kaori Yamaguchi

post on April 1st, 2012
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That is according to blogthings. But her name now is Aiko Mizuki.

She just love anything Japanese.  So crazy about anime.  So she got anime friends.


I really can’t relate.

Rikako Ichijo

post on January 29th, 2012
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That is her Japanese name according to Blogthings. It’s so far from her adopted name, Maya or Aiko Mizuki.  I really wonder what and how in the world my daughter was influenced to like and love Japanese stuff.  Even at her bedside, you can find a Japanese dictionary.  Her Facebook name is Dimple Mizuki and one time it was even Aiko Mizuki and not a trace of her real name listed in Facebook.

Her collection of Japanese anime as more getting thicker and thicker as time goes by though some were washed out during the flood.   She spends money on anime magazines and she giggles with happiness if she is given a gift of anime mags.

At times I told her I cannot relate to what she loves to collect.  hahaha She then answered, that’s because you are old, Mom.  Oh my! Am old just because I cannot relate to her anime mags. lol!  The only thing though that I love in her collection that is Japenese related are some songs.  I love some Japanese love songs.

So that is her name: Rikako Ichijo.  I will tell her later.

Dimple’s Japanese Name

post on May 14th, 2010
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Fujita Ichijo

That is her Japanese name. I love random quizzes and this time i take this quizzes using my daughter’s name. Later i will check out her Mexican and Italian name. I did Japanese first because she is one of those girls who are crazy with Japs anime. So crazy that she is drive me crazy.