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FTF – Lantern Day 2005

Hosted by Alicia at More than Words]

Lantern Day is celebrated by the Chinese i think two weeks after the Chinese New Year.  Since i live not so near the city, i was alone that night.  I decided to go out to the city plaza alone to check on their lanterns.  That year was a Year of the Chicken and that was my last Lunar new year in the kingdom.

I was alone yet i managed to capture a photo.  I placed my camera in in a pole as have set the timer and voila! That’s my smile .  I did asked someone to take a photo of me with the chicken lanterns but it turned out that i was not so much part of the picture. lol!  This night was freezing cold.  Brrrryyy cold!

Anways, this was taken in January 2005.